February 5, 2007

More Needles Than a Junkie

According to my FF membership, February 1 was the four year anniversary of getting proactive about ttc. This year, a BIG present arrived at my door on the day of that anniversary. A giant box full of one cycle worth of IVF meds. It contains:

1 HCG shot ($29.90)
azithromycin (zithromax) to take prior to ER ($10.00)
Estradiol (estrace) to take after ER ($9.87)
the evil progesterone in oil ($64.75)
follistim pen w/ 4 600iu cartidges ($1,560.)
10 doses menopur 75iu ($479.)
1 14 day leuprolide (lupron) kit ($149.00)
all the needles, sharp's container, etc ($25.00)

Since my insurance doesn't cover IVF meds, my nurse suggested I go through Schraft's. They were fantastic. They participate with a free program called designrx which provides discounts, and they also have their own discount program which you pay $12 to join. For each of my meds, they priced it each way to see which was cheapest, so some of the meds are covered by my limited insurance, some are covered by the designrx plan, and some are under the Schraft's plan.

My grand total was $2339.56 compared to around $5k at full price. Overnight shipping was free because I joined their $12 discount plan. I totally recommend Schraft's to anyone else without insurance coverage for IVF drugs.

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