February 8, 2007

Vegas, Baby!

I'm off to Vegas with my sisters to celebrate the youngest's 21st birthday! Although I do have to remember to pack the wretched BCPs, I'm aiming for three days of (almost) not thinking about ttc at all! Lupron starts after I get back and the cycle takes over my life again. While L is celebrating being drinking age, I'm going to celebrate my last few days of cycle freedom!


Bumble said...

Have fun, and lots of cocktails. Enjoy the little break!

Baby Blues said...

I love Las Vegas! Mr. Kite and I spent our honeymoon there. Have fun!

Artblog said...

Wishing your next cycle lots of success. Regards, Artblog (Cyclesista)

Ciao Baby said...

Hi Sarah,

I got your message on my blog. Thanks for stopping by, it's nice to meet you. It looks like we are cycling at almost the exact same time. I started my Lupron on 2/10. When is your expected ER and ET? Mine are on sched for 3/3 and 3/10.