February 7, 2007

You Don't Have to Understand, Just Act Like You Do

My husband said the most amazing thing to me today. After getting annoyed with almost everything he said or did at lunch, I told him I was sorry for being an impatient bitch. He said: "That's okay, because I understand what you're going through." !!!!!!!! I was laughing and crying and falling out of my chair all at once! He asked me what was wrong; I said I never thought I'd hear that from you in my life! He said "Well that's what you told me to say." YAY!!! Who cares if he only said it because he thought I wanted to hear it and not because he actually did understand!! I still loved hearing it!

He knew I was stressed at work and that was what he was empathizing with, while I was thinking about the hormone-induced rage the BCPs seem to be having on me. It's irritating enough to have to be on BCPs IN ORDER TO GET PREGNANT. And I was fully expecting to deal with hormonal rage in a few weeks when I start the stims. But seriously these BCPs have turned me into a wicked, angry, vengeful, demon with the patience of a trigger-happy rat trap, ready to snap at the faintest whisper. And he just melted it all with his totally heartfelt if slightly off-target attempt to be understanding. I love him. What a long way we've come.


UPDATE ON JACK: He is recovering well and will hopefully be home tomorrow!


Bumble said...

Hey there! What a sweetie your hubby seems. Sometimes they just know what they HAVE to say don't they! Good luck for this cycle, it looks like ALOT of drugs, don't make me nervous, I'm starting with my next AF hopefully!

What a great trip you must have had. We also backpacked but it's over now I guess, we're getting old (boo hoo). But if IVF doesn't work for us, then I'm very keen to do it all over again (I've obviously forgotten about some of the flea infested vomit stinking hostels we stayed in...) Aaah, the joys.

Baby Blues said...

That's so sweet of him to cheer you up, even if it was slightly off-target... it was definitely heartfelt. :-)