March 7, 2007

APN Strikes Again

For anyone who was wondering, the "babydust" commenter on yesterday's post calling themselves "annoying pregnant newbie" was neither a newbie, nor pregnant. That was my jackass husband who is, in fact, annoying! But I gotta love him for finding the humor in the whole thing.

The latest from the real Annoying Pregnant Newbie (just think positive!):
The PIO shots make me as giddy as if I were on drugs! I have been in the BEST mood this past month! I guess Progesterone just really alters your mood. Woohoo!! I don't know if I want to stop taking the PIO!! (smily face)

Umm....PIO sucks by the way. It just figures this chick would love her PIO, since PIO is the bane of my existence and she obviously exists just to irritate me. (For my real life friends, PIO is progesterone in thick oil, which you inject into your ass every night using a gigantic 4" needle, diameter of a fire hose. Not cool.) Do you think, maybe, that she's in the BEST mood because she's, uh, pregnant? Dumbass. No reasonable person would WANT to keep taking these shots. Do you think she's just trying to be positive?

Limping off to transfer now. Or not. Just got the call. Three of the 12 are not growing, but the other nine look "fantastic" so I've been moved to 5 day transfer (Friday).


Your adoring mom said...

What a courageous, focused, maze-like journey you are on, dearest child, and I am so privileged to be included. I am deeply grateful to the courageous, thoughtful, loving women who are sharing their support and experience with you. I hope you all see yourselves as the amazing women that you are.

AshPash said...

Sarah: Oh, the PIO sounds just awful. REnurse verified Monday that we WILL use PIO. :( They truly believe it's the best form of progesterone delivery. Sigh. Whatever it takes..we will do it! Great news about a five day transfer...I am hoping our embies will be healthy enough to wait five days. Hang in there with those PIO's.

Valerie said...

OK You hold her down and I will stab her over and over with PIO, no warming it up and no heating pad after. Asswipe god I hate people like that. Yeah PIO really changes your attitude I am even more of a bitch than normal. I heart your mom, what an awesome comment.

Lil Sis Kate said...

Horray for the fantastic 9!!!! Did they say anything about how many they will transfer if they are all still fantastic on Friday???

In other *positive* news, I just found out that my realtor is pg from IVF with your same docs. Must be a *positive* sign of *positive* things to come! This has BABY DUST written all over it!

(I am pausing so you may gag.)

Also, have you considered ceasing your visits to the message boards? They seem to have an ill effect on your moods.....

Kate said...

So psyched about your fantastic nine! Woo-hoo.

Also, have to agree with your lil sis--don't go to that message board anymore. That's just not fair to you (or any other women on that board who are not PG). Ugh.

dark ages said...

nine! is it okay for me to jump up and down like tigger? happy happy joy joy, praise the science gods and whisper keep growing, little embies. hope sustains us, but chemistry injected, like chemo, can throw even the fittest into a fit; but hand in hand, they enable us to go on

Anonymous said...

A day 5 transfer is fantastic! The success rates are much higher. I am so excited for you!

Watson said...

Once again, you nearly made me spit my tea out when I read your comment!

I say we all (all us crazy infertiles) band together and have a stab-your-husband-in-the-ass-cheek day! Just a plain old needle, nothing in the syringe. I'm not THAT crazy.

Just giving them a little taste of what we're going through. Because we're sharers, that's why!

Either that, or those APN's.

GAWD. How I would want to kick someone in the teeth if they said that about the PIO shots.

And on a serious note: GOOD LUCK with your transfer, girlie, I hope everything goes well!!

Susan said...

You have GOT to be kidding me. No one loves PIO shots unless they are seriously ill. She should be put away based on overuse or exclamation points alone.

5 day transfer is a good thing,girl... congrats.

Your family rocks, by the way.

Marie-Baguette said...

Oh what a freak!!! I have stopped taking PIO shots 3 motnhs ago and I still have pain in the butt and my sciatic nerve is not doing well. 9 great embryos!!!! What's great!!! Enough for a big family! I wish you all the best. Your comment from your mum was awesome.

Bumble said...

Aw Sarah, your mommy made me cry! What an lovely comment. Thanks Sarah's mom. You made all of our days.

As your that husband of yours, he's a funny bugger! When I saw that "pregnant newbie" comment I thought it MUST be a joke. Surely no fuzzy-babydust-spewing-pregnant-newbie would dare to show her (smiley) face around here... grrrowlll.

The nine sound awesome again, more time to wait but great news that they're happily flourishing!!!

jacked up said...

I can't imagine what it must feel like to know you have nine fantastic embryos doing their job. Good luck with the transfer! Your husband sounds like a funny guy but also a risk taker, messing with a bunch of hormone-crazed and sometimes bitter women just waiting for someone to say something stupid so they can have a good reason to ATTACK!!

Venusuvian Debs said...

Your hubby's a gem - I think he's a keeper!

Sara said...

I'm now convinced that the real annoying pregnant newbie is making this stuff up. NOBODY loves PIO.

Nine fantastic embryos is amazing!