March 8, 2007

Still Got Nine Lives

Nine are still growing, so we're all set for transfer tomorrow. The only remaining maybe is that I've got a mild case of OHSS, but that should be manageable with rest, protein, and fluids. So most likely tomorrow I will finally be joining my buddy Valerie in the now-somewhat-shorter-but-none-the-less-dreaded wait.

In preparation of that, for my friends and family who may be tempted to ask me if I'm feeling anything, don't bother. Here is the list of symptoms I already have, even before transfer:

- A feeling of fullness in my abdomen that becomes more uncomfortable every day

- Weight gain: I lost 15 pounds after quitting fertility treatments last year, and I've gained half of it back in three weeks of IVF

- Slight nausea, especially after eating, or feeling too full to eat even when I'm hungry

- Faint or dizzy feeling

- Major fatigue

- Dehydration

- HUGE (okay, relatively speaking) boobs that are VERY sore

- Difficulty sleeping (mainly because the PIO makes it hard to get comfortable)

- Serious hot flashes

I'm sure there are other things I'm not thinking of right now, but you get the point. The progesterone and estrogen we take each cycle are the very same hormones that cause the symptoms of early pregnancy, so for me anyway, they're always there at the end of each ART cycle and there's really no point in looking for symptoms.

However, if I'd been paying closer attention, I might have noticed that several of these were a little more intense this time, and are symptoms of OHSS. The grand irony of that is that if I had listened to Annoying Pregnant Newbie, who was telling me to drink Gatorade and protein shakes every day, I might not be feeling so crappy right now. But of course there was NO WAY I was going to follow her advice...


stickybun07 said...

Good luck tomorrow! I hope all goes well.

Also, btw, your comment on my blog today made me laugh out loud. Thanks! I needed that. :-)

Anonymous said...

I hope the OHSS goes away soon. It doesn't sound like fun.

Good luck with your transfer tomorrow!

Valerie said...

So happy that you are joining me in the less than 2WW. Again I will be thinking of you tomorrow.

Lil Sis Kate said...

Hope you feel better. Let me know if there's anything I can do for you! There is some ice cream and chocolate cake for the taking whenever you need it...

Tam said...

Hey there Sarah,

Finally made it over here, good luck with the Transfer tomorrow!! Praying that this results in a BFP for you!!

peep: formerly known as jacked up said...

How exciting Sarah. I hope everything goes well with the transfer tomorrow. I'll be thinking of you during your agonizing wait!

Your Adoring Mom said...

Grow little embies grow.... grow little embies grow.... our mantra. Kate and I will be there tomorrow to pamper you and make your bedrest as entertaining or serene as you want. Pedicure, manicure, favorite movies, foot and hand massages, yogurt smoothies -- or total peace and quiet, your call. Rest, dear child. Want some Sleepy Time tea?

Kate said...

Oh, you poor thing... I am sorry you are feeling crummy, and I sure hope your mild OHSS gets under control very soon. Hope you are getting the transfer right now, as I am writing this, so I am sending lots of positive thoughts your way--today and definitely for the next two weeks. How lucky you are to have your mom and sister close by--they sound so, so sweet. Good luck, Sarah.

AshPash said...

Thinking of you today, Sarah!!