March 1, 2007

Triggering Tonight

Am I the only person who's kind of excited about this ice cream thing? I mean, I'm not expecting to be cured or anything, I'm just really happy to have the excuse to up my ice cream intake!

Follicle check this morning was, umm, promising. I don't quite know how to handle the comments actually. As soon as they started, the doc said "Wow, lining looks great!" And the sonographer says "We luuuve this lining." Then she scans over to the right ovary and the doc says "And we LOVE those follicles too, wow." They scan around, take the measurements, and continue saying things look great and probably trigger tonight, etc. He leaves and she says "You've GOTTA be making a baby with some of those. You could probably complete your whole family with these follicles. Are you thinking about freezing, because it looks like you're going to have a lot of great ones."

I have really tried to moderate my expecations but I fear all these encouraging words are starting to get my hopes up. I'm just so afraid of the crush. When she says "a lot," she probably means 10-12. And I've known of plenty of women with 10-12 good follies who only produced half as many eggs. And even fewer fertilize. And even fewer make it to day 3 or 5. And does it really matter how many anyway? Because we're only going to put one (maybe two) back in and none of this promising looking u/s says anything about how well they're going to stick.

I have to go back to my theory of taking each step at a time and not looking too far ahead. I am happy that things look good today. I hope there is just as much reason for my docs to be optimistic over the next several days. But I still feel the need to keep telling myself none of this is any guarantee. Now I just need to brace myself for the trigger shot--for some reason they're making me do the hcg IM instead of ovidrel. Time to go eat some ice cream.


serenity said...

MMmmmmm ice cream! You definitely deserve some for an IM HcG shot... yowch!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. And I SO hear you about tempering your hopes and staying in the moment - I think it's just a really healthy approach.

Good luck!! I am going to add you to my blogroll so I can stop by and see how your cycle progresses, if that's ok with you.

carrie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, my small-chested sister :) I'm also gonna add you to my list!

The picture of all of that icecream nearly made me drool all over my keyboard. In high school, whenever my best friend or I broke up with a boyfriend (you know, like after a whole 3-week relationship), we'd go drown our sorrows in ice cream sundaes and french fries. Now that I know I was actually BOOSTING my fertility with all that ice cream, I feel much better. Apparently I didn't eat quite enough of it!

And staying in the present is a very good thing. I'm glad you got such good news today, regardless of what it may or may not mean for the future. Today, itself, is very good.

Valerie said...

Good luck at you ER. I hope you get lot's of eggs. I am anxiously waiting for tomorrow to hear if I have anything to transfer. Sorry you are doing HCG IM, that just really sucks.

Susan said...

I'm so happy things are looking good! Yay ice cream!

Bumble said...

Oooh, the scan sounds fabulous!!!
I hope you get loads of healthy embies, it does sound promising. Good Luck!!!

Baby Blues said...

The picture got me drooling too. I love ice cream! It now doesn't only make me feel good, it could actually BE good. :-)
Hooray for big juicy follicles ready to burst! Good luck triggering!