April 18, 2007


Thank you all for your wonderful and quite flattering comments on my last post. I will try not to let it go to my head. I'm further flattered that my cycle buddy Val at Adventures in Parenting has nominated me for a Thinking Blogger Award.

Now to continue this meme, I am to choose five blogs that make me think and nominate them. Which is really hard because I love ALL your blogs and they all make me think. Given that, this list is probably biased by those who have most recently got me thinking? I don't know, but here, in no particular order, are my five nominees:

Serenity blogs with such honesty and in telling her story tells the truths of infertility we all deal with. She makes me think with every single post.

Bumble's posts always seem to show her beautiful soul shining through, sometimes delicate but also quite strong. Every fiber of my being is crossed for you this cycle, Bumble.

Disenchanted is absolutely the right word for the reality of infertility. My Reality tells it like it is, with a fantastic sense of humor (though things haven't been very funny over there lately). I love my snarky fellow baby-dust haters.

One of my favorite things about the blogging community is the international flavor. Sara's story fascinates me in part because she's living in Korea and I'm infatuated with all things overseas. Her experiences are universal though, and it's interesting how similar the protocols are around the world.

I just recently discovered Team Winks at Are We There Yet, and have already come across a number of very thought provoking posts. I made this blog connection through the IIFF, so thanks again to Bea and all the participants.

Okay, if I tagged you, you are suppossed to keep it going by nominating five more bloggers who make you think. Hey, if it promotes just a few new blogger connections, I'm all for it!


TeamWinks said...

Awww...shucks. Thanks! I am so excited about this one. There are so many out there that really make me think. How on Earth do I pick just a handful? :-)

Sarah said...

yeah it's ridiculously hard to choose. i tried to pick people in different "circles" to try to spread it around a bit? i don't know, it was so hard it was almost arbitrary. not because the five i picked aren't fabulous, but just because so many others are wonderful too.

Bumble said...

Sarah, you are such a sweetie - the check's in the mail hee hee... Now I better bee off an nominate my 5 - that haven't been nominated already... Thanks hun!

serenity said...

Aw, Sarah - thanks!!! (Yeah, your check is in the mail too lol!)

I'll post mine in a few minutes.

Anonymous said...

I am floored! Thanks, Sarah. I don't really know what to say.

I guess I better get thinking!