May 11, 2007

I am

Sticky Bun has tagged me in the I Am game, so I'm to tell you all about myself and then nominate five more of you to do the same. I do like reading these things and as Sticky says, it's kindda fun to see them spead around the blogosphere, so I will play along.

I am rebellious.
I'm inclined to go against the grain, sometimes just for the sake of it, to play devil's advocate, and to eschew the ordinary, which sometimes means I miss the beauty of the everyday all around me. I like to roll down my windows and crank the Sex Pistols when I drive through a stodgy neighborhood.

I am adventurous.
I'm happiest when I'm traveling to new places, meeting new people, trying new foods, seeking out new experiences. My tastes in music range from Nanci Griffith to Parliament Funkadelic, Bruce Springsteen to Naughty by Nature, Seven Seconds to The Beatles, Lyle Lovett to Madonna, Al Green to System of a Down..... with many in between that I loathe. My tastes in most things are like that.

I am extremely extroverted.
I'm not very loud or one of those people with amazing social skills, but I share very personal things easily, get close to people quickly, and as much as I enjoy my "me" time, I prefer to be around people more often than not. I live to throw parties. This weekend I'm hosting the first of four big parties in a row.

I am quite nerdy.
I like science shows on public TV. I make excel sheets for practically everything. I have binders for anything I'm planning, and I overplan everything. I love to cook, garden, watch the birds at my feeders and try (unsuccessfully) to identify them in my birding books. I love crosswords but hate Sudoku.

I am very passionate.
Whatever I get hooked on totally dominates me until the next thing comes along. I become lazy about almost anything else. I love my friends and family very deeply. I tend to be very black and white on things (love it or hate it), and my emotions go in peaks and valleys with very few plateaus.

I am a city girl living in the suburbs.

Thanks Sticky Bun. I don't know if I did it "right," but there you have it. A bit long-winded, as usual. Of course I'd love to read all your "I Am's" but here are my five nominees:

Valerie (Adventures in Parenting)

Kate (No Longer an Option)

Anns (A Brief History of You)

Marie-Baguette (Can PCOS and CBAVD Make 3?)

Bumble (Me the Bumblebee)
(go give her some 2ww love while she waits for little sureshot to burrow in)

Hope everyone has a nice weekend.


Becks said...

Your baby is going to love a mum like you - all those parties!!

Hope they go well, can I come?

Sticky Bun said...

I love the idea of blaring the Sex Pistols with the windows down in sketch neighborhoods. hee, hee.

Thanks for sharing! This is great--it's so fun to get a glimpse into who everyone is irl. :-)

Bumble said...

I think we'd get on so well in real life, we could ride thru the dodgy neighbourhoods together with the Sex Pistols blaring. Aaah, what a life hee hee.

Reproductive Jeans said...

Beautiful!! I love the idea of riding around with Sex Pi.stols blaring=) Thanks for the smiles today!

Baby Blues said...

Love your "I am" post. Thanks for sharing it.

Matthew M. F. Miller said...

We need more kids raised on the Sex Pistols. Perhaps you can play a little Gang of Four, too.

Cibele said...

"I am quite nerdy" I am so glad somebody admitted this before me. Like bumble I think we would get along very well in real life

The Momcaster said...

ooh! i think i might be a fellow nerd. as a kid and into adulthood, i'm always reading nerdy stuff. not so much science but lots and lots of history, love it! thanks for sharing.