June 9, 2007

Picture Pages

I love the Picture Pages idea Reproductive Jeans and My Reality have put together, but since they are running into issues with storage space and since I've been pretty public with my infertility, IVF, and blog, I decided to post mine here and save the Picture Pages cache for those not out of the IF closet. You can see everyone else's Picture Pages on Google Groups after following JJ's sign-up instructions here. I love seeing all your pictures and how they reveal that there is so much more to your lives than infertility. Here's a bit of my life beyond IF (click for larger images)...

First, Here I am with Jack:

A better one of just my pup:

And here are I am with my wonderful husband J. We're stuck in an airport in this photo, about two years old. It's a good "us" picture because we love to travel (meaning lots of quality time together in airports):

This is our favorite picture of us, before we were married, in the good old days when we lived downtown, playing pool with our buddy Lewis (we reenacted this picture with the guy who married us a few years later, it's pretty funny because he has the same surprised laugh on his face as Lewis does here):

This is our wedding:

And where we honeymooned (Pinks Sands on Harbour Island, Bahamas, a tiny island smaller than central park):

This is my squeeze as a babe, I hope ours looks just like him:

Here's a picture I love because his love for me really shows. Not just the cute look he's giving me (he always looks cute to me), but because he got up early in the morning to volunteer at this race to support me, when he is the furthest thing in the world from a morning person:

This is my absolute favorite thing in the world. She is my 5-year old neice and she lives next door to me (but only for the next two weeks, very very sad). In this photo (about a year old) I am tossing her up in the air. In the original you can see her mom in the background giving me that "you're getting her all wound up" glare (I get that a lot):

This charming picture of her was taken in Central Park and makes her look so small and sweet and childlike which is a good reminder to me that she IS only five because her personality is so ginormous compared to her size:

This is her baby brother, who is giving up his nursery furniture for us (kind of a crappy cell phone pic but I just love it, is he not the cutest little guy ever? mopping floors at krispy kreme...ummm..donuts...):

Here is what I think is so wonderful about kids; in the chaos of a NYC street, she stops to examine a flower:

This is my favorite place I've traveled (not this veg stand per se, but Buenos Aires in general):

Here is where we're going in August (yes I know it will be bloody hot and I'll be 7 months pregnant, but we're going. so there). The OBX:

This is what I always say is my fave photo of me because it's blurry enough I can imagine I am cute (plus I appear to have cleavage which actually did not exist until a few weeks ago). It's a fun reminder of a good time out with my GFs (that is my sister, best friend, and soon to be not-next-door neighbor to my right, but I have cropped her out with respect to the drunken visage she may not want shared):

But this one of me drunk on my anniversary last year is probably more the real me:


Beatrix said...

visit: http://sabanaaloccidente.blogspot.com/

Coffeegrl said...

Oh my gosh - that picture of buenos aires makes me want to go right now! It looks like a postcard.

Watson said...

Those are awesome, LOVE 'em...thanks for sharing


TeamWinks said...

This was wonderful! So fun to get to know you better!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos; nice to know you've got a real life beyond IF.

Just a little anecdote: I used to have a lot of photos of myself. Since my son was born just over two years ago, I think there might be only four or five (not very good) pics. I think this is because I figured he was cuter and always had the camera trained on him instead.

Reproductive Jeans said...

Hahaha...love those shots! Esp the last one!=) Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the pics!!

Now can we have a belly shot?

Cibele said...

wow, lovely pictures. Sometimes we forget that we all have lives beyond IF...

Thanks for the kind words of support on my blog. I appreciate it

Becks said...

What fantastic photos....its great putting a face to a name. You look so happy and full of life, you'll be a fantastic mum.

Sticky Bun said...

Great photos! Thanks for sharing! (I especially love the last one. :-)

K77 said...

Lovely pics - your dog is adorable! And the 2 of you are lovely also of course.