June 28, 2007


Thanks Rachel, for the tag! The Polarity Meme is 10 things you hate followed by 20 things you love. In no particular order...

10 things I can't stand
1. inconsiderate, disrespectful people (i'm with Rachel on that one)
2. chain restaurants like applebee's and bennigans
3. the mainstream news media. why do they not tell us what is actually going on in the world? if they have time for stupid celebrity gossip (totally NOT news), they could seriously be talking about the world beyond the atlantic and pacific coasts
4. Wal-Mart (how is it target can be so much better for the same prices?)
5. racism, discrimination, and prejudices. the world is not fair and we can't do much about it. at the very least we can treat each other fairly and with respect.
6. dusting
7. selfishness. from butting in line to people who don't recycle. we make our world what it is in everything we do, from the smallest gesture to the grandest acts. we all have a responsibility.
8. other people's food noises, esp if they're lip smackers or chew with their mouths open. GROSS!
9. poor grammar drives me INSANE!!
10. the bush administration

20 things I love:
1. travel. esp new places.
2. when the plane takes off
3. or going by train
4. the ocean
5. thunderstorms
6. ALL kinds of foods
7. walking around my hometown (DC)
8. camping (more the idea than actually doing it)
9. local fairs, the kind with funnel cake and those questionable rusty old ferris wheels
10. fresh fruit pie. okay all kinds of pie. all kinds of dessert, really.
11. old movies. esp bogart and bacall. i love those moody scenes where someone's smoking under an awning on a hot rainy night with the wet pavement steaming all around. so cheeze, but i love it.
12. gin and tonic. or vodka tonic. mojitos, bloody mary's..shit it all sounds good to me right now. beer, wine, even fruity island drinks have their place.
13. cities. at night, with all the lights. gives me so much energy.
14. shady pool halls with nothing but cheeze whiz on the menu and guys named "road kill*" at the bar, or upscale martini bars with sparkling decor and even more sparkling clientele (the latter only in moderation)
15. going to the movies with my sweetie. we give a thumbs up or down to all the previews.
16. the first lightening bug of summer (i just saw it!)
17. juke boxes. love pretty much ALL kinds of music, but very particular at the same time.
18. the first perfect days of fall
19. cooking
20. how Jack shakes his butt when he's excited (jack the dog, that is)

I tag Reproductive Jeans, Sticky Bun (even though she is too busy), and Adrienne

*i really did have a bar buddy named road kill at the now-defunct crow bar in downtown DC. he was a 40ish biker who would come in to shoot pool and mainly kept to himself but loved to show me pictures of his little daughter. i guess that would have bugged me during the IF years but this was ages ago.


Sticky Bun said...

OMG--I so remember the Crow Bar! That's so funny! That's been closed for years now, no? (And, I'll bet I could pick "road kill" out of a lineup.) :-)

And, I need to get my priorities straight if I can't make time for some fun blog games, no? Thanks for the tag!

Reproductive Jeans said...

Thanks for the tag=)

Cute one! I loved all your answers!

AshPash said...

Sarah, I love when planes take off, too! It's scary and exhilirating all at the same time. It was fun reading your lists.

Rachel Inbar said...

Travel is amazing... I've actually got tickets to Croatia in August - just me and my 11-year-old daughter.

megan said...

i hate all of the things you hate! don't get me started on the food noises. . . :)

Bumble said...

SARAH!!!! Its so nice to be able to log on again. I missed you! And so fabulous to see that everything is going well with your beautiful little... GIRL! Congratulations! And the nursery looks just beautiful. You've done a great job. I love the world thingy there above the cot. I can't believe the time is flying so much now, but so happy that all is well with you and your little princess! xxx me