November 30, 2007

A Day in the Life

Can you believe it's the four week birthday already? Here's how we got there...

6am - I hear Pip stirring in the bassinet next to my bed. She's not crying yet but we've been asleep since 1am so she's definitely up for her feeding. I take the opportunity to go pee alone before picking her up. As soon as she starts nursing there's a series of farts without any screaming at all, and by 6:30 she's done the first side and passing out. Breast feeding has definitely gotten MUCH better! A diaper change wakes her up enough to finish the other side and we're back in bed around 7:00.

I know this may be controversial, but at this point I put her in our bed with me. The reason is pure laziness. If I put her down in the bassinet she has to be totally sound asleep or she'll cry until I pick her up and she's too young still for the "cry it out" sleep training. If I put her in bed next to me we get to fall asleep together with no crying.

10am - She's stirring again and this time we're awake for good, for a total of close to 8 hours sleep - not bad. She's a little fussy but latches right on and nurses until the poop explosion (they no longer happen at every feed). She tenaciously keeps latching on and trying to nurse, but she's dropping latch and wrenching up her little face into a very unhappy shriek, so I think it must be her belly and give her some Mylicon drops. Seems to do the trick. With all the fussing it takes almost an hour to get through with one side before the diaper change. Hiccups mean we're in the home stretch though. By 11:30 we're done.

Meanwhile J has made us breakfast and brings it to me in the chair. When I say the constant feeding isn't so bad, a huge part of it is that my college student husband is around to help out in so many ways. The division of labor isn't actually all that different than it's been since he quit working two years ago to finish his degree, we've just both got this new element. So many women do all of this alone at this point, and I shudder to think of how anyone manages while caring for older siblings.

Noon - I put the sleeping baby in the Pack N Play and sneak off to run some errands.

2pm - I get back to find Pip's been awake since 1pm when she woke up with a wet diaper. J changed her and played with her and she was just running out of patience when I got back. I feed her while I eat my lunch. Afterwards we weigh her - I can't believe she's up to 7 pounds!!

3:30pm - She's fallen asleep in my arms. It takes a while for her to go soundly to sleep, but then she's back in the Pack N Play. I start addressing birth announcements while she sleeps.

4:40pm - Tiny cries from the Pack N Play. In the last week or so Pip has decided to become a dainty little girl and cry whenever she has a wet diaper. Easily solved, but a pain having to nurse her back to sleep an hour after almost every feed. J changes her diaper but she's still shrieking.

5pm - Mylicon drops to the rescue and she's back on the boob. Within 15 minutes she's fallen asleep on me again. She's rooting around with her mouth in her sleep so I wake her up and get her to latch back on. She's fussy but hse's back on soon enough. Then a big belch does the trick.

5:30pm - She's back to sleep and putting out some loud farts. Jay's making dinner. I actually get to eat with my arms free tonight while she lays in the bassinet! As soon as I put my fork down she's crying though, wanting to be held. In minutes she's passed out in my arms and she sleeps on me while I catch up on all your blogs.

7:30pm - Furious screaming precedes diaper change and a particularly trying feed, wherein she yanks my nipple all over the place as she squirms around, apparently in pain. That makes two of us. After burping her she settles (sort of) into more productive nursing, with only occasional cries on her part and a bit less pain for me. Her tenacity and determination is very endearing. Its a very basic problem: she needs to eat to survive. She works very hard at it despite the fact that it hurts. Looking at it as something we're both working toward together helps me through it.

8:30pm - Has it really only been an hour? It feels like much longer. I'm exhausted and she's nearly asleep when we have a pee overflow. She's starting to outgrow preemie size diapers. A quick diaper change and back to the boob.

9pm - Sweet Jesus she's sleeping. I make the handoff to J and give my arms a rest.

9:30pm - Why is she chirping already? J is instructed not to so much as look at her. Thankfully she stays asleep.

10pm - J tries putting her down but it doesn't take; she wants to be held. Back on the boob. She latches fine but she's so tired and keeps falling asleep. If I feed her later it means we probably only get up once in the night instead of twice, so I snuggle her up to me and let her sleep while I rest too and watch TV.

11:30pm - 1:30am - Our last feeding before bed. It takes a long time before she's ready to drift off to sleep, but then she stays asleep until 5am.

In 24 hours, I got 8 hours of sleep and spent 8 hours nursing. What happened to those other 8 hours, I don't remember doing anything else?? At least I did get the birth announcements done. Maybe tomorrow I'll make room for a shower!


Nicole said...

I thoroughly enjoyed reading "A day in the life". Thoroughly!! One day at a time and yay for J for being such a good partner and father.

Sticky Bun said...

Wow! That's quite a day. I'm so impressed with how you're keeping up with blogging! (What's my excuse?) :-)

Angie said...

Sounds about like my day :-)

ultimatejourney said...

Wow, it sounds like your days are busy and challenging. But at the same time, I was envisioning the calmer moments as being pure bliss. I can't wait :)

K77 said...

Sounds like you're absolutely loving it :) My DS is 3yrs, 8 months, and co-sleeps with us. Enjoy it!

Valerie said...

Sounds like a trying but wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

So, are you clean yet? :)

I am glad you are settling in with Piper!

Tam said...

Geez, I'm tired just reading that!! Well done sweetie, you seem to be coping very well.

Sorry I've been MIA so long, missed the pics but wanted to say that little Piper is just beautiful, definately worth the wait!!

Aunt Kate said...

7 pounds?? Holy moly! No wonder, I guess, since you spend 1/3 of your days feeding her!! That little girl must know that she doesn't really have a decent preemie Christmas dress, but she has all kinds of 0-3 waiting for her...

Kate said...

Sounds like the three of you are doing awesome. What a great idea to write out your day hour by hour.

I did have to cringe at "We are up for good at 10 a.m." I hate you a little bit for that. :) Seriously though, I think the fact that you are getting 8 hours of sleep (though not consecutive) is just amazing.

I can't believe she is 7 pounds already. You are a milk machine, my dear. Piper will have doubled her birth weight by Christmas, and that is just unbelievable. Congrats.

Bumble said...

That was a wonderful post Sarah, definitely gave me some idea of what to expect. You and J sound like you're doing a fantastic job too x

Furrow said...

So I'm not the only one with a gassy girl, eh? The mylicon drops don't work quite so well for us, though. I should start logging my days. They're such a blur. I have no idea whether or not we've established any sort of routine.