November 27, 2007


First I want to pass along this fantastic idea from the Queen of fantastic ideas, Mel: Click here to shop for all sorts of cool things which will help fund other infertiles' journey to parenthood.

This rest of this post will be particularly annoying for those at that certain point in the cycle when you just can't stand to see a pregnant woman or pass by a baby boutique, but I feel compelled to give a shout out to this fabulous vendor of great baby stuff:

A while ago I fell in love with a beautiful, award-winning baby book, but it was too early in the pregnancy for me to feel bold enough to buy it (i.e. anytime before 34 weeks). Then I was on bed rest and found myself pining for it but couldn't get to the store, and once I finally was able to get out it had sold out not to be restocked. After searching everywhere and hours of googling, I found the perfect cover design (pictured above) on the manufacturer's website, but couldn't find the book anywhere. Finally I asked the wonderful people at Babysakes if they could get it with this cover and they've decided to stock it, so now it's been added to their online store. AND at a better price than I've seen anywhere. You can see it and loads of other great designs here. Be sure to check out the beautifully illustrated inside pages (see below).

There's lots of other great stuff on their website too for anyone looking for cool baby gifts, and I can definitely say the people there are wonderfully helpful and responsive. Check it out!

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Kate said...

Thanks for the link, Sarah. Their books are beautiful indeed. I am bummed I didn't know about it sooner.