March 24, 2008

Happy Easter

March 5, 2008

Shifting Addresses, Aligning Priorities

So I mentioned moving day a few posts back. That wasn't real moving day, that was 'moving lots of crap out of our old house so it could look presentable on the market' day. Shortly after that, we had a new mattress delivered to the new house, and we're basically living there now with no furniture. It's a total mess, but leaving our furniture in the old house while we try to sell can make a big difference in the price we get for it, and being able to camp out here makes it much easier to keep that place presentable and not have to pack up the baby and dog anytime someone comes through. It was an insane couple of weeks getting ready to be on the market - all sorts of cleaning, fixing, shopping, staging, etc. had to be done in just a week or two.

We weren't really looking for a new house. We were fine in our townhouse, but I knew down the road I wanted something with a bigger yard. Our housing market is so down right now, although it's not the best time to sell our old place, it's a fantastic time to get a deal on a new house. We happened onto a brand new home that was built and ready to settle but the original buyer fell through, and it was being offered way below the original price and what it's neighbors paid for theirs, so we snapped it up.

It's a very nice house and there are plenty of things I like about it, but I had major concerns with buying it. Sure it is always nice to have a bigger fancier house, but I just felt like it was totally out of line with my priorities. I had visions of us being happier with less, versus more stressed and more pressured to work harder and buy more furniture and keep extending the rat race if we moved into this big house. In the old house, it was conceivable that one day I could back off my work load a bit. In the new house I feel pressured to continue working nonstop for the rest of my life. Ultimately I agreed with J and others that this place was too good of an investment to pass up, but I just hate the idea that I traded in leisurely time with my baby for a big fancy house. I know I'm lucky to work from home and have as much time with her as I do, but that's because my husband is still home with us, which adds to my stress about the house - it's all on me, at least right now, to pay for it.