April 3, 2008

Five Months

Today is Piper's five month birthday. That makes at least three months that I've been meaning to post an update on her life.

At two months I went back to work and kept meaning to post about it. The fact that I haven't been able to yet gives you some idea how that's going.

At three months we made the spur of the moment decision to sell our house and move all in three weeks. This is either the best decision of our lives or a total disaster; it remains to be seen. At three and a half months Piper started teething. I expected some fussing and pain, but didn't realize it would completely interfere with her ability to eat and sleep, which means it disrupts our entire lives. She's not likely to get a tooth early, but some babies are more sensitive to the earlier movement. Yay.

The fourth month was full of changes. Piper made major adjustments to her sleep habits and it took some effort on our part to decipher them and figure out what she needed. It felt like things were completely falling apart, but according to the sleep bible "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" she is right on schedule. At four months they are supposed to begin to "organize their sleep patterns." In addition to our confusion about her changing schedule, teething has been a complication and so has her increased awareness of the world and unwillingness to let it drift off for a bit when she gets tired. We now seem to have a bedtime in place as well as two naps a day. It's not without trials and now we are slaves to the schedule, but it's making it a lot easier to plan our days. The issue is far from solved, but I definitely see improvement. The key has been not letting her get overtired before we try to get her to sleep.

These days Piper is a happy girl (provided she's well rested), very curious about the world, intensely interested in what's going on around her, quite sensitive to her environment (reacts strongly to even slight noises, etc.), eagerly open to new people, toys, etc., who responds vigorously and definitively with a total-body laugh, a strong cry, a big smile, or wide-open eyes. Her personality reveals itself more and more every day, and I'm getting the impression I'm going to have my hands full with an engaged, alert, active child with little tolerance for boredom. But then that's most kids I've ever met.

Happy Spring everyone. Happy five-month birthday, baby.