January 23, 2009

Ready to call it

I know. I shouldn't. But I'm ready to place my bet on this cycle. I'd put money on a bfn right now. On day 6 my E2 is still only 129 and they measured only 7 tiny follicles. I should feel good about the seven, they're all pretty close in size around 9-11mm. Maybe this is the slow and steady we we're hoping for, but after kicking up the meds two days ago and dropping the Lupron it just doesn't seem like anything has happened.

We're bumping the meds up again to 375iu Gonal-F and 150iu Menopur. I've got to order more drugs but I almost feel like it's a waste. I will get to use the leftover Follistim that's been in my fridge for 2 years and expires in April. No doubt I will spend quite some time in the bathroom tonight trying to figure out how much of this and that adds up to the right number and trying not to completely screw things up between the pen and the syringes and the Qcap.... It's a recipe for disaster.

And yes, I know. I'll wait to see what Sunday's recheck brings before I give up completely, but let's just say I'm not particularly optimistic.


Valerie said...

Sarah don't give up yet!

Lorraine said...

Close in size is good! Mine were slow growers but close in size, and we ended up with an extra four days of stims to get them plumped up.

Good luck with the Follistim laboratory - I did the same thing with Ganerelix, using an old batch and dividing it up from pre-filled syringes - fun!

Jamie said...

Oh Sarah, don't give up yet! Slow and steady wins the race!!

Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

It is only day 6 and you have 7 follies. You aren't done yet. You might be a little suppressed from the lupron, but if they are all the same size, things are good.

Now, if it was day 6 and you had two huge follies and nothing else, then yes, it could be called. I know, been there, done that.

But if it were me, and I was looking at 7 evenly sized follies on day 6, I would be feeling pretty damn good.

Just give your ovaries a chance to wake up from their lupron induced sleep.

Anonymous said...

I've been a reader (lurker) for a long time...I know you are an IVF pro..but I thought that maybe my stim story would give you some hope..I only had 2 follicles after massive does of stim meds. My RE felt sorry for me (I had to cancel 3 previous cycles for lack of stimulation--can you say crappy ovaries!!)and allowed me to go to retrieval, even though the clinic's "policy" is for there to be at least 4 follicles for retrieval (BTW, I think your clinic is the same as mine). The follicles each contained an egg, both fertilized and we transfered 2 grade A embryos on day 3. I now have 14 month old twins. Your situation is nowhere near as pitiful as mine was, so there's hope! I will cross my fingers that the 7 follies continue to grow and you get to retrieval/transfer. You've got alot going for you--the fact that you've had a successful cycle already... Best of luck.

tipsymarie said...

That's exactly the kind of response your RE is looking for. The fact they are all so close in size is great. I am willing to bet Sunday brings you some good news. The lupron might still be suppressing you.

t said...

All this waiting and uncertainty is a bitch. But things aren't over yet. Good luck on sunday. I'm sending you crazy amounts of good thoughts.

lostintranslation said...

Hey, don't give up yet! My E2 levels were not very high either, but it worked out fine in the end (for comparison here are the levels from my IVF cycle: SD7: 310; SD8: 503; SD9: 882; SD10: 1388; SD12: 2858. On SD7 I had about 7 follicles between 5-7mm, at ER they took 14 mature eggs. I was on 150 IU Puregon/day...).
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Ugh. I had a similar situation, but not years apart. It's the worst when you've been over stimulated--which is sort of a confidence booster--and then you have a different response. It's hard to not get on the roller coaster to doomsville. I hope you are wrong!

Anonymous said...

Your mantra must be "Every cycle is different." with the knowledge that there isn't just one way to a positive outcome.

Close in size is good news, even if you're not feeling it right now.

Maredsous said...

Hang in there, Sarah. A lot can happen in a few days. If you have 7 follicles you have seven follicles. On day six you don't want any huge follicles. Then the others can't catch up.

I am curious about dropping the lupron. How do the docs decide when to HCG?

I think lupron is causing me great problems, though last time the dose was really low, so maybe I am being a little unrealistic.