February 1, 2009


Of the 15 eggs, 11 were mature and ICSI'ed. Today we have eight two-cell embryos. More details tomorrow. Transfer will be Tuesday or Thursday.

The PIO last night was hell. I don't know what we're doing wrong, it wasn't so bad for the first week or so last time. I'm going to whine about to my nurse tomorrow and see how she feels about starting Crinone now (my clinic usually switches to the gel after 4 or 6 weeks or something). I can do it tonight if I tell myself it's just one more night.

I caved and took the Vicadin last night. I was very sore from the retrieval but mainly it was the PIO that sent me over the edge. I realize a pain-pill addiction doesn't fit well into my family planning so my big hopes for tomorrow: good news about the eight and no more PIO!


mekate said...

So happy for your success so far! Very, very good news and great numbers. Keeping my fingers crossed for you. I am sorry the shots suck. I cannot stand that kind of persistent pain. Good luck getting off the shots for all the right reasons.

Anonymous said...

yay for eight! so excited for you and can't wait to see how they grow grow grow... as for PIO, question for you... are you laying down when you do your shots or doing the stand lean? lying down seemed to make a big difference for me. i warm the PIO in the heating pad and then as soon as j is done with the sticking i roll over and immediately lie on the heating pad for about 20 minutes. maybe i'm strangely pain resistant to these but i barely have any tenderness most days.

Anonymous said...


Not to burst your bubble or anything, but I have used crinone and my progesterone levels sucked, big time. A week past retrieval, my P4 was a big whopping 5. My RE said that he has stopped using it entirely because you can't measure it in the blood properly. If you have lowish progesterone as a norm, keep sticking your ass with PIO. At least until things could get established and you can make progesterone on your own and all of that stuff. If you can't handle the PIO, and really, I don't blame you one bit, think about suppositories over crinone.

Rachel Inbar said...

Great! I hope things continue to go well!

Anonymous said...

Are you sure you are in the right area? The accuracy of the circles can vary from nurse to nurse. also, make sure your husband holds the filled syringe in his hand to warm it up a bit.
I'm excited for you!

Lorraine said...

Eight is fantastic! Anything over half of what was retrieved always seems miraculous, really.

I am of no help on the PIO, I hate to say. After the first ten days I could barely manage to grit my teeth and cry through the pain. I switched to the suppositories eventually, and even though they are messy, it's sooo much better than stabbing through damaged tissue.

Best wishes for your transfer!

stickybun07 said...

Hooray for 8!! Hoping for great news for you and your l'I'll embryos tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

8 is fantastic!

No clinics here (Australia) use PIO. They use either Crinone (which I had) or pessaries (vag supps to you). I think you'll find that the success stats of clinics here are equal to anywhere else. I had no prog at all with the FET that worked, natural (kind of - ended up doing Clomid + trigger, unusual though).

I would use Emla cream with PIO though, definitely.

Tam said...

That's good going chicken!! Hoping and praying for your little 8!! I hope the PIO shots get a bit better soon.

Big hugs xxx

Callie said...

Congrats - those sound like great numbers! I am sorry to hear about how painful the PIO has been.

Can't say I've experienced that as we used the vag suppositories last time and plan to again this time. My doctor feels that they're equally as effective, but then again my last go-around didn't work even though we transferred high quality embryos. Given that, I'm considering requesting PIO this time.

Best wishes with the transfer!

Kate said...

So sorry about the PIO hell--I hope the advice others have offered helps. Two thumbs up to you for taking Vicadin. Seriously, you are not going to win any "IVF Patient of the Year" awards just because you don't use pain killers. They gave them to you for a reason.

Praying for good news today. Maybe you get your wish for the Feb. 3 transfer? Please post or e-mail soon, or I will drive my computer crazy with constant 'refresh' requests.

Grow, babies!

Anonymous said...

8 is a great number :)! Best of luck for the rest of the journey.