April 10, 2009

Really Good News

The first trimester screening went great yesterday. The NT measurement looked fine and we saw all the major parts that were supposed to be there - arms, legs, hands, feet, stomach, eyes, nose, mouth, regions of the brain. The nasal bone was present, also a good sign. Baby floated around and waggled it's tiny limbs but did none of the crazy cartwheels Piper was doing at that scan, so I'm hoping this is our calm child? I'll have my risk number in a week when the bloodwork comes back, but so far, so good.

But the best news: my blood pressure was completely normal. Doesn't mean I won't develop gestational hypertension again; I probably will, it would be really unusual for it to set in this early anyway. But it just means there's no reason to think there's anything wrong now, and gives us time to monitor and take action whenever, if ever, it becomes appropriate.

I'm just back from a couple of weeks of hectic travel. Here's how much time I've spent in airports lately: washing my hands yesterday I held them under the faucet at home waiting for the water to come on automatic sensor-style. If ever my BP should be elevated it's now. Although watching the scan on the big overhead monitor (nice touch!) was very relaxing. J was there holding Piper who at one point climbed up on my lap. What an incredible feeling sitting with her on the same table where we'd first seen her at 12 weeks gestation, all big now and grown up.