May 22, 2009

Four doctors in two days

I should start by saying everything is fine. I had an OB appointment yesterday and the Peri today - all completely routine. The excitement began yesterday when Piper had a little tumble and then was limping around for the rest of the day. We went first to her pediatrician and then to radiology for an x-ray. Holding down a screaming 18 month old for an x-ray is HORRIBLE. Thankfully Daddy was there to do the dirty work. Turns out to be just a sprain, but I guess they have to be extra cautious with little growing bones. She still limps and has some pain but she'll be fine.

The perinatologist appointment was for the anatomy scan. Funny how imaging and measuring every important bone in a growing fetus is tremendously easier than taking one little ankle bone picture in a toddler, but I guess the size of the challenge is proportionate to the size of the girl: Piper is roughly 42 times the size of her little sister in ounces. They don't say anything very definitively this early but it looks like sugar and spice in there. Most importantly, everything measured just fine and right on track. Because of the IUGR history, we go back in 6 weeks just to keep an eye on things, but my blood pressure is still completely normal so all's well around here tonight.

May 4, 2009


I almost broke down in Red Robin. Walking out of the restaurant behind Piper, seeing her silhouette in her jacket with her little hood up, she looked so much her own little person. Just as I was thinking she is getting so big, she paused and turned to wave goodbye to the giant Red Robin statue. "Bye bye" she said in her sweet little voice and then blew him a kiss. I held her hand and walked her out trying to hold back tears until we got outside then picked her up and hugged her tight all the way to the car. Then I realized it was her 18 month birthday.

And so long first trimester! A far less bittersweet milestone. I won't miss it one bit. A list of reasons why, if for nothing else than my own record: the constant nausea from week 6 to 11, the four straight nights of inexplicable, excruciatingly itchy hives that kept me awake for nearly 96 straight hours, the trip I took solo with Piper when we didn't sleep for three nights and concluded with me wretching bile in every planter, trash can and dark corner of the airport while carrying our luggage, carseat, stroller and Piper by myself through rental car return and security, and finally the two week long sinus infection complete with fever chills and shakes which wrapped up right on time at 13 weeks. Whew.

This pregnancy is so different. I believe in babies now. I have seen one go from day three follicle check to 18 month old and I can see a possibility of it happening again. What I find impossible to imagine is Piper not being the only one. She is the center of my universe, the love of my life, and I can't imagine sharing it with another one. I know when there are two your heart makes room and I'm not afraid it won't work, I just can't possibly imagine it.

So in honor of her 18 month milestone, here's a little snapshot of Piper these days:
-She's gone from social butterfly to discovering shyness (partly due to daycare I think). She used to wave and say Hi to everyone everywhere we went, now she clams up when strangers talk to her, although she does always say thank you to the checkout people in stores. More like a sing-songy little "juke ooo." She is a big time talker at home. She had over 100 words at 15 months and communicates pretty much all her needs verbally, although as she adds more I'm having a harder time keeping up and understanding them all.

-She's VERY busy. She can't stand to be restrained in a high chair, car seat, stroller, etc. She HATES to lay still for a diaper change. We take the stroller to the zoo and she just wants to push it the whole time. She will sit in a high chair or booster seat long enough to eat two bites of food before she works herself into a tantrum and will nearly fling herself over backwards. She likes pretty much anything we give her but is generally uninterested in sitting still to eat. California rolls and broccoli are current favorites, there are just a million other things she'd rather pay attention to.

-She loves to be outside exploring. She wants to walk, run, pick up rocks, follow bugs, play in her water play table and LOVES the playground. The Itsy Bitsy Spider song makes her laugh her head off. She has a funny little sense of humor, a great little giggle and an adorable dimple to go with it. Other than the dimple she looks just like I did at her age, still with hardly any hair.

-She's in a major mommy-centric mode. When she's not racing around outside she wants to be held constantly, and only by me. When I don't pick her up she throws herself into the limp noodle position and falls over backward crying her heart out. I simply can't hold her as much as she likes but when its practical we both love it. She's my little buddy and loves to ride around on my hip, checking things out and asking what everything is. She also loves to sit in our laps and read books.

back in March, looking all grown up...

big girl riding a dinosaur at the park a few weeks ago...

and my sweet girl just this past weekend at the Air & Space Museum, posing under a Piper Super Cruiser that circled the globe back in 1947...

Don't get me wrong, there are days that feel like they will never end, but it all just goes way too fast.