June 6, 2009


Hard to believe it's 20 weeks already, where has the time gone? I'm feeling fine and everything seems to be on track so far. Next scan to check for IUGR is about four weeks away. Piper's "sprained ankle" has continued to bother her and two weeks later she still has a limp so we saw an orthopedic specialist and it turns out she has a tiny fracture in her shin. My poor baby has been hobbling around on a broken bone. It's apparently not a big deal, very common and healing fine on it's own. They expect it to be sore for a while, thus the limp. We go back in four weeks just to be sure its healing properly.

She's a trooper and otherwise doing well. Seems like such a big girl to me lately. When J comes home she says: Hi Daddy! When I give her a much-requested pretzel she says: Thank you Mommy! Yesterday when she was playing in the tupperware cabinet and I said it was time to get in the car she first put it all back and closed the cabinet before meeting me at the garage door. (Don't get the mistaken impression that we are the center of calm and order. This was a fluke, related to the fact that kids her age do enjoy take-it-out, put-it-back games. If they happen to quit the game after a put-it-back rather than a take-it-out stage you're just lucky.) Despite our fair share of tantrums and time-outs, she's been a happy girl lately. She learned the word on Sesame Street and when I picked her up from her nap yesterday she started beboppin and dancin around saying "happy happy happy."

The passage of time has been on my mind lately. These 20 weeks have flown by and I see Piper's babyhood quickly escaping my grasp. Last weekend I bawled through my niece's two hour dance recital. This was her third year and since I don't see her dance in between, comparing it to her first recital at age 5 and even last year's was unavoidable. How did she ever get to be seven?? There have been some unsettling family events lately that have me appreciating how nice my life is right now, while nervously awaiting the fallout and how it will affect us. As when Piper was first born, I find myself wishing I could just freeze time and keep everything just as it is. I keep thinking of a line that stuck in my head when I read The World According to Garp as a teenager - I can't shake the ominous feeling that the "undertoad" is lurking.


mekate said...

and gosh, what a poinant post. I totally get that feeling of time rushing by. My nephews-- each time I see them, they are bigger, they are more themselves, more expressive, more complex, more more more-- and I want to hold on to the precious moments, the ones where we connect, the tender moments, even the laughing so hard we cry moments. A little hand in mine and my heart melts. I want to hold time too but instead, I hope they will call when they need me when they're older. I hope I do not hate them when they are hating me in a few years.

Hope Piper heals quickly and poor little tyke indeed! and you, truly, congratulations for being at 20 weeks. Simply wonderful.

warmly, Kate

lostintranslation said...

Congrats on reaching the half-way mark! I can't believe it either that you're already at 20 weeks (was reading the title and thinking 'no way' - but looks who's talking, I'm almost at 38 weeks and I hardly know how that happened...).

Hope you will continue to have a pretty smooth ride for the second half and enjoy every moment with your precious Piper!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how fast time flies with everything. It is flying by - you are 20 weeks!

I hope Piper's leg heals soon.

Red said...

I know what you mean about their babyhood escaping. But, you know what, so far I have found each stage of Champ's life more and more enjoyable, and I can't see that ending. Just imagine how many wonderful times you have ahead with her!

Congrats on half way, too!

Sticky Bun said...

20 weeks! (More than that now!) Stunning--and really exciting.

And I so hear you about babyhood escaping. It's so bittersweet.

I hope Piper's ankle is feeling better--poor thing!

mekate said...

just wanted to say a quick hello- I come by a lot, but realized it had been a while since I spoke up and said I hope things are going beautifully, I hope Piper's all better, and I hope you are doing just great.

thinking of you,