August 6, 2009

28 weeks - Moving Right Along

Saw the MFM and the OB this week; good news all around. My blood pressure continues to increase steadily (138/85) but they are in agreement that with no impact on either fetal growth or the placenta so far, there's no need to medicate. Whatever. The MFM still expects to put me on something eventually but as frequently as I'm being monitored I'm fine with it. Not excited about appointments every two weeks but here we are.

The baby is moving non-stop now. Sono measurements indicate it's around 2 pounds 6 ounces which is right on track. I take Piper to most of these appointments to try to convince her there really is a baby in there. It's not working. Sometimes when we talk about it she happily chirps "Nope! No baby!" and continues playing, at others she looks worried and refuses eye contact, and at worst she throws a "no baby" tantrum. She's insisting on being held and carried A LOT, which I just can't do, and on lots of cuddling, which I adore. Seriously, who has advice for me, doesn't even have to be good advice, on easing the transition?? I'm especially concerned about how she's going to deal with nursing time.

Piper is very excited about her "big girl" room and wants to hang out in there more and more. We haven't moved her into that bed yet because I've got to get bed rails first. I'm not using a box spring so the mesh ones that go in between won't work. I'm ordering the ones that attach to her bed, and I may be procrastinating just a little.

She loves her new nanny, and just in time! I'm starting to get busy with Fall work already and eager to crank as much out as I can before I have to throw in the towel. To anyone else on the nanny hunt, I had a great experience using sittercity.

Glucose test was oddly fine for me this time. Last time I really felt impending doom as the sugar syrup took over my body. I lost peripheral vision, got all shaky and fainty, could hardly stand up without passing out. This time, it just tasted kind of gross but otherwise was completely fine. And my result came back about the same both times (completely normal). Weird.


Furrow said...

No advice on the getting ready for sibling thing, but my friend's son was very aggressive and negative while she was pregnant, but when the baby came, he was fine. I hope it works out that way for you.

Glad to hear that everything (physically) is going well.

JJ said...

So great to hear things are moving along so well--looking forward to meeting your precious babe!

Anonymous said...

I hope Piper adjusts ok once the baby is here.

Glad your BP is holding out ok.

Jamie said...

I've had a good experience with sittercity too. What a great site!

Glad everything is going well. I'm very interested in all of the things you're doing to help Piper transition. I'm worried about my little guy and his reaction to all of this.

My glucose test left me feeling awful this time. Ugh. This time I get to do monitoring. Fun fun.

Red said...

Sounds like good news all around. That's so great!

The only advice I have heard (although haven't yet had the chance to test) is that when the baby is born focus on all the things that she can do and that baby can't yet. Like with the nursing you could say 'the baby needs to drink milk from Mummy, she can't use a cup like you yet. You are such a big girl to use the cup.' and ofcourse lots of distraction attention. Nursing time could be when she gets to read some 'speacial' books or colour her 'special' colouring book with you.

Kate said...

Whoa, that really IS good news all around, and that makes me so, so happy.

I am hesitant to offer any sort of advice because Child was two-plus-change years older than Piper when Baby was born. I mean, if I were to think how I would prepare Baby if he had a sibling coming in a few months, I would be totally lost. I have not had much success reasoning with him yet... That being said, the only advice I can think of--that worked for Child and may work for Piper--is to do everything possible in the next 10-ish weeks to have piper bond with her dad. Because of the bed rest situation for me, Child had to spend more time with my husband, and they ended up doing a lot together--from fun things like going fishing or riding bikes to just regular day-to-day things like getting groceries or going to the doctor. So when the baby came, it wasn't such a huge change for him when I was suddenly out of the picture on these activities. I know this isn't easy, since you are home with her more than J and you probably want to get a lot of quality time in with her before the baby comes--but I do think this may ease the transition later if they get to do a lot of father-daughter things in the next three months.

Glad you had a good experience with sittercity. I will definitely keep that in mind.

mekate said...

so glad things are going well with your body and pregnancy-- sorry about the two-week appointments but so glad for the monitoring and the conservativeness of the approach to the BP. I love hearing about the baby movement and I am glad Piper is excited about her big girl room!
As I said, so many transitions, and even good ones can be bittersweet--
She will always be your baby-

sending warm thoughts your way,

AshPash said...

Oh my gosh, you are pregnant...again! I can't tell you how happy I am to read the news! :) After (me) taking a year off to homeschool my oldest daughter, my husband and I are back on the IVF train...this time with donor eggs. I am trying to catch up with everyone! Wow, wow, congratulations! Piper is beautiful!

mekate said...

thinking of you and sending warm thoughts your way, hope all is well and that you are staying cool and comfortable if that is possible.


Anonymous said...

Oh Sarah, you're getting so close!

When I was pregnant with the twins, I talked up the babies to their big brother as much as I could. I told him what a great big brother he would be and about all the ways he could help his little siblings and that when they were bigger he could play and have lots of fun with them and show them how to do things (he loves to show off his skills and knowledge, so I knew that would be a good "in"), and everything I could to get him excited about their arrival. I involved him as much as I could with choosing things for the babies and making plans. Once they were on the ground, it was his job to introduce them to visitors and answer any questions to ensure he wasn't being left out. It worked well at our house.

Artblog said...

I was really worried about LaLa, everyone told me to expect jealousy and all sorts before D. was born.

She was the complete opposite. I remember making a fuss of her for a while after I got home so it wasn't all just the baby and she didn't exist any more.

This helped. She's still wonderful with him, it was the good start that helped :)

mekate said...

Thinking of you-- 31 weeks?
Hope everything is going perfectly and that you are doing really well-