September 30, 2009

Birth Day Eve

Or eve eve. After two weeks in the hospital and a very bad blood pressure day yesterday they've started me on Cervidil to get things going. I'm not dilated at all and cervix is still very long so cervidil stays in for 12 hours and Pitocin starts at 11pm tonight. If this is like my induction with Piper, I can expect a baby about 22 hours later, or sometime Thursday night. It wasn't a super long labor last time, just took a long time to get labor started, so this being the second time around won't necessarily go any faster as you so often hear about successive labors. Whatever happens we're on our way and she'll get here when she gets here.

Which presents a small dilemma: we have no idea what to name this girl! I seriously need help, throw everything you've got at me. I want another spunky, spirited name like Piper, but that doesn't sound new or made up. For example the old fashioned Sadie sounds just right to me but my husband hates it. Piper's middle name is Harlow, which means from the hilltown, chosen because J and I met when we were neighbors on Capitol Hill. For this baby we're considering the middle name Eve, a reference to the place where we married (called evelynton). We think Eve as a first name sounds weird with our last name. Anyway, that's what I've got for you to go on. Some of you will understandably not be in a place were thinking about baby names is even a remotely pleasant idea, but for those who are please send any and all suggestions my way! And a deep thank you to everyone who has been so supportive all this time, thank you so much.


Janet said...

First let me wish you a speedy delivery of this little one, and now on to favorites first....Brenna, Chloe, and Aezlyn are a few...but Piper is so pretty and different how about....Allia,(A-lee-a), or Emery?? Best of luck...can't wait to see what you name this little one....Janet

Hopeful Mother said...

How exciting. I hope everything goes well and you can find a name.

Not sure about your last name, so these are just suggestions:

Maycen (Maci)

Neva (old fashioned and very pretty - pronounced Nee-vah.


Also, it looks like a good chance that your new daughter will be born on my boys' birthday (Oct 1). :-)

Anonymous said...

I like Harper

Red said...

Good luck with the labour and delivery.

Re: names, we like more old fashioned ones (Violet or Beatrice if we have a girl). I do like Myffanwy for something different (Welsh for 'my lovely little one').

Anonymous said...

I will be waiting for news. . .

No clue on names. But if you are really stuck, you could name her after me. ;)

Valerie said...

Good luck for a quick and mostly painless labor.

As for names I like Shayla a lot.

karichuckroryskylar said...

I strongly considered Piper for both of my if I have a third, it very well would be Piper...anywho... ;)

My daughters are Rory Marion and Skylar Margaret.

I love Harper, Ruby, Maya, Violet, Frances, and other interesting but easy to spell names.

Good luck.

Sarah Beth said...

My favorite girl names are Savanna(h) and Lily

Good luck!

Lindsey said...

I hope delivery does go smoothly and quickly and you have a healthy baby girl in your arms very soon!

As for baby names, I'm partial to Eve, but we named our baby Eve, so that's to be expected. :) How about Juniper, Maisie, Hazel, Beatrix, Ruby, Mariposa (posey), Hadley?

Good luck! It took us 2 days to finally name Eve, but it is the perfect fit so take your time!

Nearlydawn said...

God speed, little one - try not to give your Mommy a hard time. She's worked VERY hard to get you here safely!

Here are my suggestions on names:

Violet - odd that so many others here picked this same name. It was the 1st I thought of.
Deliah (dee-leah-ah)

Bumble said...

Good luck sarah!!! Will be thinking of you and hope its all easy and smooth sailing! Girls names I love are Cleo, Ruby (me too!), Imogen, Emma (hee hee), Tyne and Bella. I'm sure you'll look at her and just know though!
Can't wait to hear! xxx

Bumble said...

Forgot to add that I love JUNO!! I know its from the movie, but its so nice and unusual. xxx

Jamie said...

Good luck!


Thalia said...


good luck!

niobe said...

It may be too late, but I *love* thinking about baby names.

Now, for a sibling name for Piper, I would go with something that's not too frilly or girly-girl, but more, as you say, towards the spirited side. I would also avoid another name ending in -er, because it might sound too similar to Piper.

Here are my suggestions:






Harper (if you don't mind the -er ending)





Peyton (or Payton)

Avelin (Irish version of Evelyn, so could also be a middle name, since it references the place where you were married)





niobe said...

Oh, and some great names suggested by previous commenters:

Emory (or Emerson)


And a few more I just thought of







Mikenjane said...

Congratulations and good luck!

I'm a lurker here from L&F&CA who can't resist a baby name challenge. Here are a few that no one has mentioned that were on our short list:


I will not share my daughters' names with you b/c it took us two years to come up with each name!

Enjoy this exciting exhausting time!


Anonymous said...

i'm loving the name clover these days...
hoping all is going well. thinking of you.

Furrow said...

Wow, wow, wow! You're almost there! If not there, there! Best wishes for a beautiful birth.

How about:

Marlo or Marlowe

not sure why i'm on an "m" kick


Penelope (Penny and Piper. So cute!)

This is fun!

Anonymous said...

I love the name Zenobia.
I like Zenie as the common name although one woman goes by Nobie and that is nice too.
May you both find safe harbor. I am excited for you.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I was away and missed the bedrest drama, but I'm glad that you're probably now snuggling with your new baby girl.

If you haven't already selected a name, how about:
or Remy?

Artblog said...

We were contemplating Eva or Eve, dont know if anyone's mentioned it yet anyway, good luck with a fast and safe delivery my friend, cant wait for news soon :)


Grade A said...

I have no advice on names, but I want to wish you a safe and wonderful delivery. Hope all goes well.


TeamWinks said...

So, Eve may not sound right, but what about Genevieve. That's our daughter's name, and we just call her Eve for short. Also love the name Chloe, Gabrielle, or Paige. Piper and Paige sound cute together!

Genevieve Paige is my vote!

(Oddly enough, if we use our frozen embryos, we plan on using the name Harper in some way. It's our doctor's last name! Too funny!)

Lorraine said...

Love reading everyone's suggestions - it's funny that I thought of Harper right off and so did so many others. But to -er names is a bit much.

Spunky but recognizable:


But Eve is hard as a middle name I love the name, but it doesn't elide well with most other names. Evelyn itself does fairly well, and it's supposedly making a "comeback".

Hope you find something you like!

mekate said...

Wishing you ALL the very best!
Thinking about you,

Anonymous said...

thinking of you and hoping everything went smooth as pie. can't wait to hear about your new arrival!

mekate said...

thinking of you and hoping all is well.

niobe said...

What MeKate said.

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you and hoping all is well.