October 20, 2009


Oh my, I sure didn't mean to go 20 days without updating but the time has flown by! After 17 days of hospital bedrest, baby Isla was born at 7:29am on October 1st, weighing 5 pounds and measuring 18 3/4 inches.

She has been nearly identical to Piper in every way I can think of from the delivery to her size to eating and sleeping (which is pretty much all that's happened so far). As with Piper I had to supplement feedings with formula in the first week or so just to help her gain weight but she is nursing fine now. My milk did come in much easier the second time. The recovery has been about the same although the cramping was much worse which my OB said tends to happen with successive pregnancies. It still catches me off guard some days so I have learned to keep ibuprofen in my bag. I am really tired of wearing pads but I think the end of that stage is near. Thank GAWD.

J has been working from home and we're all just hanging out enjoying the new baby phase. Piper maybe slightly less so. She can be very sweet with the baby and seems excited about being the big sister but after having mommy in the hospital for so long it's hard to finally have me home but still not fully accessible. She mostly behaves like an overtired child, breaking down easily over fairly small things that would normally roll off her back. She is testing the limits too, and will occasionally pop the baby on the head or squeeze her too hard. We definitely have to watch her closely and I feel like I'm walking a very fine line between over- and under-reacting. There needs to be zero tolerance for anything that could hurt the baby but I also don't want to blow the adjustment period out of proportion because I think we'll all settle into our new family roles and rules soon enough.

It's been busy, with family and visitors and all the little things I want to do before I'm working again. But J does a ton around the house and with both kids and Piper's nanny still comes to play with her for a few hours four days a week. I have all the help I could need and only feel stressed by all the things I want to do with my freedom now that I'm out of the hospital and before work sucks me back in. I do have to remember to take it easy - it's easy to underestimate what bedrest takes out of you. My sister came to visit and it was too short and our time and attention was too divided but it was great to see her and now I can't wait to go back to San Diego to see them again.

So with the visits over, now we begin to get back to some sort of routine. J is going to try to continue working from home but we'll see how that unfolds. I work from home anyway and will be easing my way back in over the new few weeks. I'm really glad we got Piper into her routine with our awesome nanny a few months in advance, so she's already used to me disappearing into my office for the few hours before her nap while she plays. It was a little hard sometimes to hear her having so much fun with the nanny when I was stuck in the office but now I'm grateful she has that time to herself, not shared with the baby, while the baby sleeps or nurses in my office.

In a lot of ways I think we're in the honeymoon period and the more difficult days lie ahead (when work gets crazy, when the baby realizes she's been born and starts waking up, when I have a crawler and a toddler...), but for now I'm enjoying it! Of course I feel grateful every day that we made it this far. It's so hard to believe we're a family of four. A few years ago I really expected to end up childless and divorced, torn apart by infertility. I definitely feel like I hit the lottery somehow; that I just can't even believe my good luck. If this is all just a dream, please don't wake me up.