December 14, 2009

Feelin Lucky

Gosh, you guys sure are nice to want to hear about the little family. I honestly haven't been withholding anything, there's just not much to share. I will continue to focus mainly on infertility here and naturally there isn't much new in that department with a 10 week old at home. But I do think its important to include the children, the happy outcome of successful cycles, in the whole infertility story. Even when I had no hope whatsoever for myself, it was important to me to read about others' successes and know that somewhere out there, someone was going to get lucky.

It's been a busy 10 weeks! First there was the mad scramble to finish Piper's halloween costume. She wanted to be a cupcake and I couldn't find one I liked anywhere so I decided to get crafty (i.e. crazy). It came out pretty cute but weighed a TON so she couldn't keep it on for long...

Then there was the mad dash to get ready for Piper's birthday party. I can't believe I have a two year old! The best part about her party was that it required a trial run on the birthday cake, just to be sure it was edible of course. When I asked Piper if she wanted a cake she said "brown!"

Then the four of us went to San Diego to visit my sister. There were some great moments but it was a rough trip because we all passed around a nasty stomach flu which basically meant far less time with my sister and her family than I had hoped for. Here are Piper and Isla chillin in the hotel room while we tried to recover:

She bounced back just fine though. At the end of our trip we checked into a swanky place for a few days. When we got there Piper cozied up into a cushy chair overlooking the ocean and said: "Nice, Mom. I comfortable!"

Isla is, like Piper, a very easy baby. She's a great sleeper and nursing has been easy. I thought it was easy the first time but this is really a piece of cake by comparison (is it just me or does this post have a dessert theme?). My milk came in much faster which meant no pumping, which in turn meant a much better supply from the start. She's gained weight much better than Piper did too, doubling her birthweight from 5 pounds to 10 by two months. Both girls were born at the 3rd percentile 3 weeks early, but while Piper jumped to the 20th and stayed there, Isla is on track to hang around the 40th percentile. So she's still a tiny little thing. She's now in the smiley stage which is just the greatest thing ever, melting the hearts of everyone who holds her with a coo and a huge grin.

Piper at two is....well they say easy babies are often tough toddlers. I guess we all pay our parenting dues eventually! She's doing her job of staking out her independence and gaining confidence from all the new things she's learning. She counts things and knows her colors, can draw a smiley face and hop on one foot. At her two year check-up she was off the charts on all the developmental questions, especially language. Her best friends are both almost two and a half so I think she picks up on things a bit early by following their lead. I'm glad she has that because you often hear that is the case with second siblings, so it's nice to feel like she's getting her own dose of it too. It helps a lot with her to have activities too; in warmer weather she had a great time with her adorable Lil Kickers "soccer" class, and now she absolutely LOVES gymnastics.

Christmas with a two year old is awesome. This is the first year she's kind of getting it. Decorating the tree was so fun; every ornament I pulled out of the box was met with "WOWWWWW Mom, soooo prettttty!" The first snow was a delight, although there was an unexpected disappointment. When she woke up in the morning she was at first excited to see the snow out her window, but then very sad when we came downstairs. It took me a minute to figure out what was wrong when she said "No toys?" with the saddest look ever on her face. She thought that Christmas had come with the snow but Santa hadn't brought her anything (probably because of all the "Santa is watching!" threats she hears). Excited as she is to get presents, she is completely unwilling to sit on Santa's lap. When I ask if she wants to tell Santa what to bring her for Christmas she says "Sure mom, no lap!" She'd prefer to just shout her list to him from across the velvet rope I guess. Really makes me regret not sticking her on his lap when she was a baby for the classic Christmas Cry photo. But I did get a nice one of her crying when I tried to make her pose with "snowface":

Despite the typical two-year-old frustrations, this is definitely the most wonderful Christmas I've had. Funny how it feels like just the other day and a million years ago all at once that I struggled through this time of year. It was the Christmas season that finally lit the fire under us to go ahead with IVF after a long road of disagreement and uncertainty about how to deal with infertility. My heart is with my friends whose homes still feel empty. Warm holiday wishes to all of you, to all your different forms of family, to the children I've "met" through your blogs, to the mothers to be and all the mothers at heart. May 2010 be a wonderful year for you!