January 19, 2010

And They Lived Happily Ever After

Thank you to everyone who has commented, supported me, cheered me up after bad news, given me a reality check, made me laugh at myself, made me laugh at the hysterical things that can happen when you mix hormonal women, sharp needles, dildocams and floundering but well-intentioned husbands/partners/REs. Thank you to everyone who has listened, who has held onto hope for me, who sat next to me on the roller coaster, who cried with me and even those who sent me virtual *hugs*, whatever they're supposed to be. Thank you especially to everyone who shared their own journey with me, the heart wrenching and raw pain, the unstoppable tears, the emptiness, the anger and unfairness, the nervous joy and trepidation, the hopefulness, the power of a heart's desire, the joy and jubilation. Thanks for your insights, your kindness, honesty, wit, humor and snark; your often beautiful writing, your open hearts, and all the other incredible, amazing parts of who you are and where you've been and what you've seen. Thank you, and fare thee well.

The end.